Sexy Short Films is a site that seeks to showcase short films with sexual themes or an erotic flavour. The films featured are creative, sensitive, sensual, interesting, engaging and entertaining. They are not necessarily explicit or overt in their treatment of sex, although we are happy to include films that are “not safe for work”. There may be nudity or the performers may be fully clothed. The film may feature sex scenes or simple metaphors. The main point is that they show us new and exciting ideas about sex accompanied by wonderful visual and aural experiences.

Sexy Short Films has a positive attutude towards sexuality and depictions of sex. It doesn’t want to create a “porn” ghetto or impose arbitrary dividing lines between “art” and “pornography”. One person’s erotica may well be another’s filth.

This site seeks to explore the spectrum of sexuality as presented on film. Some filmmakers may seek to delve into the metaphysical aspects of relationships and sex while others may simply seek to arouse. The latter should not be excluded as a legitimate art form; horror films seek to frighten, comedy seeks to induce laughter, erotic films seek to titillate. Arousal is simply another human response to a film and should not be rejected as an inappropriate response.

The films on this site are sourced from the various online video providers like Youtube and Vimeo. Where possible I have attempted to credit the film’s creator and provide a link to their site and occasionally links to Paypal donations if possible. If you have enjoyed a film I encourage you to contact the filmmaker and offer what you consider to be an appropriate gesture of thanks.

I’d like Sexy Short Films to be a little like an online film festival. It’s a way for filmmakers to showcase their work and also to create a cultural space that acknowledges films about sexuality and erotica.

There are a growing number of erotic film festivals being staged around the world. I’d like this site to be a virtual extension of those festivals.

The site also contains advertising for erotic film sites and other products of interest. Supporting these advertisers helps tp maintain this site.

If you’d like this site to feature your film, please contact me: msnaughty AT msnaughty DOT com

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