The blurb: One summer afternoon, a woman fondles herself alone in her bed. Between enjoyable stroll and poetic trance, Babines is an ode to pleasure.

This gorgeous French animation does a wonderful job of capturing female masturbation – it’s awash with floral imagery and explores fantasy and orgasm in visually inventive ways.

Length: *:37
Director: Emilie Praneuf
Year: 2018


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Santo Domingo Outfest, Santo Domingo, December 2020 BEST SHORT FILM AWARD.

kurzfilmwoche, Regensburg, Germany, March 2020

ZOOM-ZBLIZENIA, Jelenia Góra, Poland, February, 2020.

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Erotic Bizarre Art Film Festival, Alicante, Spain, December 2019.

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PRIMANIMA World film of first animation, Hungary, Oct-Nov 2019.

Muestra Intermediaciones, Colombia Oct 2019.

Interfilm Berlin, Germany November 2019.

ANIMEST, Bucharest international animation film festival, Romania oct 2019.

Digital and poetic video moments, Marseille Nov 2019.

Linoleum international contemporary animation & media art festival, Ukraine, Sept 2019.

Festival Bring back your panties, Brussels, September 2019.

Elche international independent film festival, Spain July 2019.

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Buttocks Film Festival, Paris June 2019 JURY PRIZE.

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