Chocolate Heart

“My parents turned into cats… I didn’t have anyone to talk to about sex” Thus it is that our hero embarks on his first sexual adventure in this totally surreal comedy short that will probably have you thinking: WTF? But it did make me laugh. And it’s a great advertisement for sex education.

The director told Short of the Week: “I started writing the film during a time when I was thinking a lot about sex as performance, about how the ritual of physical intimacy can seem so arbitrary and absurd. The animal way that bodies interact with one another during sex is so alien and grotesque from the outside. So I think the genesis for Chocolate Heart was in thoughts about being some inhuman thing, watching humans interact sexually, and dramatizing this feeling of being kind of profoundly out of the loop in terms of understanding the way that goes on”.


Director: Harrison Atkins
Year 2014

South By Southwest 2014
Sarasota Film Festival 2014
Maryland Film Festival 2014
Oak Cliff Film Festival 2014
Marfa Film Festival 2014
Side Of Eye Film Festival 2014
Tulsa Overground Film Festival 2014
Mile High Horror Film Festival 2014
Rencontres Audiovisuelles (L’hybride) 2015
CineMe (Bristol, UK) 2015
Short Waves Film Festival (Poznań, Poland) 2015
Florida Film Festival 2015
Atlantic Film Festival 2015