Fetish Untied: Sploshing


A woman makes a cake… and enjoys it her own way.

Part of a Nowness series on fetishes, this film by Toby Amies focuses on sploshing—the arousal gained from the feeling of certain substances against the skin, especially food.

Watching this I didn’t know whether to feel hungry or aroused or worried about the mess. The slow motion makes it very sensual. It has a great ending as well.

Toby told Nowness:

“I wanted to approach fetishes in terms of letting people who hadn’t practised them gain an inside-out understanding of why they might be appealing. My background is in documentary filmmaking and portrait photography, and that has always been informed by trying to understand the world from other people’s points of view.

“I had heard of sploshing or ‘WAM’ before, but I did quite a lot of research into it. There is a large community online, even on YouTube, and I think it’s fair to say the majority of people out there are not shy!

“I very much hope both the WAM community and fans of home baking find the film enjoyable and illuminating. I wanted to try something new, but also be sensitive to the community that inspired the film.”

Here’s the original film at Nowness.

Here’s Toby Amies’ site.

Length: 2:44
Director: Toby Amies