Going Down


The blurb: A sci-fi epic about oral. Porn star Reily Reid stars in Watsky’s meditation on sexuality and hangups. For enthusiasts of Arrival, Barbarella, and giving or receiving head.

This music video by rapper Watsky has a certain amount of WTF? going on but it’s also amazingly done and has a bunch of positive messages about oral.

And the lyrics are hilarious. If you can keep up, there’s some zingers in there:

I’m a freak, I’m a local wonder
More lung capacity than Freddie Mercury vocal numbers.

and this:

One tiny warning—I’m dining on your gourmet form until the morning
Performing like it’ll stop global warming
My palate has got no equal
Talent could vanquish evil
And maybe make Rick Moranis be in the Ghostbusters sequel
One taste and I’m wailing “god bless!” (god bless!)
Until you quiver I will not rest (not rest)
Licking repeatedly like your beaver’s a square reader
And my tongue is a VISA debit card that failed to process

Length: 5:30
Director: Nick Roney

Here’s Nick Roney’s site

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