Dusty’s mother drops dead the first time he masturbates, leading him to conclude that he as a dark superpower.

This coming-of-age film is at turns hilarious, sad and incredibly moving. Through minimal dialogue and a superb lead, the film explores the awkwardness of teenage sexuality, grief and family relationships. Well worth the 20 minutes.

Grand Jury Prize / Narrative Short – Seattle International Film Festival
Grand Jury Prize & Audience Award / Narrative Short – IFFBoston
Jury Award / Best Narrative Short – Sarasota Film Festival
Jury Award / Best Short Film – Ashland Independent Film Festival
Jury Award / Best Live Action Short Film – Lower East Side Film Festival


Matt Kazman is a filmmaker from Toronto who lives and works in the US. He’s had success with a variety of short films. Killer is his most successful to date. Apparently the film isn’t totally autobiographical (phew!). He told ShortOfTheWeek: “Thankfully, ‘Killer’ isn’t based on a personal experience, but it came from a personal place. When I was a kid, I’d hear all these theories about sex, and life in general, from friends, older siblings, etc. As a result, I’d make up my own ideas about these things without actually knowing anything, and once I got older, I’d obviously figure out that some of those ideas were misguided. I think that’s a major part of growing up – finding out that some of your notions about life are wrong. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometime’s it’s not. I wanted to make a movie about how bittersweet that can be.”

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Length: 19:55
Director: Matt Kazman