Passion, Fruit


The blurb: An art student, after a painful break-up with his lover/figure model, discovers an occult sensuality in his new artistic subject matter – fruits. His displaced desire for his ex-lover invigorates a spirit within the fruits. Before he knows it, they begin furtively enticing him down a path of strange and absurd fantasies.

This film is partially inspired by Japanese mythology, which states that everything – whether a rock or a tree or a house – possesses a spirit. The spirit can be timid or mischievous; kind or vengeful. They are perceptive of human emotions, and from time to time, choose to interact with humans.

Sacramento International Film Festival 2011
CineKink Film Festival 2011
Winner of 2010 DGA Student Film Award.
Best Thesis Film Prize at Wesleyan University.

Length: 13: 20
Writer, Director, Editor: Ting Liu.
Original Score by Rob Rusli.
Production Design by Megumu Tagami and Yang Li.
Cinematography by Nathaniel Draper.