The blurb: A family man has his devotion challenged by an unexpected visitor.

This sensational short film accomplishes so much with so little. There’s almost no dialogue, the camera doesn’t move much and there’s no music. The main actor, Zach Sale, encompasses so many emotions in the single shot of his face. The film has a lot to say about family life, sexuality and the decisions we make about our relationships. It feels like an added bonus that Zach resembles Brokeback Mountain’s Jake Gyllenhaal.


Length: 6:00
Director: Keith Hodder
Year: 2013

Zach Sale
Emily Goss
Ari Blinder

“Best LGBT Film” – 2013 Vegas Indie Film Fest, Las Vegas
“Honorable Mention” – 2013 CineKink Film Festival, New York

2014 Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia
2013 Air Canada enRoute Film Festival, Toronto/Vancouver
2013 Boston LGBT Film Festival, Boston
2013 North Caroline Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Durham
2013 United Film Festival, Los Angeles
2013 SENE Film Festival, Providence, Rhode Island
2013 River Bend Film Festival, South Bend, Indiana
2013 Lewiston Auburn Film Festival, Maine

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