• Tentation: Memento Mori

    Classical and modern art depicting female beauty comes to life and seeks out self-pleasure in this erotic and surreal animation.

  • Fur Maria

    The shadows tell the story of these lovers. but shadows could also hide it

  • Melancholia

    A beautiful woman touches herself slowly in a melancholy way.

  • Proximity IV

    This is Four Chambers’ latest and it features two guys! Their “Proximity” series is all about close-ups and trying to capture intimacy without necessarily being explicit.

  • Proximity III

    Here’s another lovely close-up erotic video from the good people at Four Chambers. This one features Dwam and Magenta in a beautiful girl-girl erotic scene.

  • Tactile

    Their lips meet, their bodies meld, their fingers trace trails of sensation across flesh, they give in to pleasure. An erotic exploration of desire and touch.

  • Surrealist Porn

    Sex should be strange and illogical. It is a powerful, primitive and irrational domain that can be both life-enhancing and life destroying.

  • Mars and Venus

    Chaotic moving lights reveal male and female bodies in various poses. The shadows meld and the images blend, creating surreal blended bodies.

  • The Devil’s Dance

    This is an ad and the beauty on display is very standard but it all looks gorgeous and artistic. And I rather like the song that goes with it.

  • They Call Us Animals

    A visual representation of a sexual climax, depicting basic animalistic instincts and exploring the human body.

  • Temptation

    This is an artistic short without any real meaning – it’s just a bunch of sexy images edited together. And that’s fine, because it’s rather sexy.

  • Je Dis Non Ali

    A young woman struggles for sexual freedom in this dark comedy inspired by the European new wave of the 1960s