• Gratified, Grateful

    A short erotic film celebrating intimacy, connection and passion. It’s about feeling grateful for our bodies and our partners, for laughter and shared joy, for physical and emotional pleasure.

  • Tactile

    Their lips meet, their bodies meld, their fingers trace trails of sensation across flesh, they give in to pleasure. An erotic exploration of desire and touch.

  • Fucking Is The Only Prayer

    An erotic film exploring spirituality and sex, Fucking Is The Only Prayer has screened at numerous film festivals

  • Sexual Understanding

    A woman hires a male model for a photography shoot and the sexual tension rises. Is it only a dream or do they really get it on?

  • Smoke

    Lilith bewitches her audience by her singing and dancing A short and sweet animation that is bursting with sassiness – and smoke.

  • Handcuffs

    Things are a little slow moving in this bar – until a couple enters. The woman is wearing handcuffs. Glimpses and hints imply a secret erotic scenario.