• Miau

    Spanish hip hop group Ludóvico y los Acéfalos gathered together a bunch of their friends in an apartment for the video. The band said they wanted to talk about sex in a positive way.

  • Antes

    To search unexplored, hidden and unusual angles: to go for a quest for what is left unsaid and to put in motion the inner debates.

  • Lussuria

    Images of nude male and female bodies are sliced and intermingled to create new and interesting forms, challenging our ideas of masculinity and femininity.

  • Leave You In Me

    An unexpected admission emerges while a couple is making love. Naked, emotionally and physically, they must confront a tangled web of love, sex and betrayal. The path to reconciliation leads to a dark and uncertain forgiveness.

  • Symmetry Study

    The Symmetry Project is a journey through perception. Two naked bodies interact through a highly structured improvisational score

  • Drum Bum

    Drum Bum is a light and distinctly rhythmic take on the art of spanking. This simple yet luscious film has a very cheeky sense of humor. Part of the “Erotic Moments” series of short films.

  • Karaoke Show

    At the age of 14, Karl Tebbe badly wanted to dance like the best dancer alive. But you either have rhythm in your blood or you don’t. Now 22 years later, stop-motion-animation has allowed him to finally fulfill his lifelong dream.