The Anniversary Present

A woman surprises her partner with a special anniversary present – the chance to shoot an erotic film together. The only problem is, she’s booked an entire film crew…

This film is pretty amateur but it’s a lot of fun. It’s not explicit but it does deal with porn so it suits the film festival section. It’s not totally accurate with regards to how porn film sets work… but I sometimes wish all the guys who email me wanting to be porn stars would watch this first.

The blurb: Here’s my crazy, sexy, comedy short, “The Anniversary Present.”

It’s about what happens when a poor schub, Marty, gets his wish, to shoot an erotic video with his girlfriend. It’s ridiculous good fun.

Yes there is nudity, and no, it’s not the good kind.

It was a wonderful experience and a chance to work with some of my favorite students from when I was a Film Professor.

And I forget one special guy in the credits, Michael Hoeppner, our exceptional Still Photographer. Thanks for watching!

Length: 6:46
Director: Micah Cohler