They Call Us Animals

Length: 3:23
Director: Catrin Hedström

A visual representation of a sexual climax, depicting basic animalistic instincts and exploring the human body.

This film was originally created to be a music video for the director’s favourite band but then the musicians changed their mind and demanded she take down her video. This new version contains approved music – the stunning visuals are just the same.

Director bio: Catrin was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden where the medium of film inspired her to explore the world. She worked at an amusement park as an actor and clown before moving to Southern California in 2006 on a whim. She studied film in Santa Barbara, directed the College’s official TV commercial and won awards for her short films which showcased at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Catrin transferred to NYU’s undergraduate film program in 2009. Her sophomore NYU film “Brooklyn Bridge” was selected to the Fusion Film Festival. Currently, she is finishing up her second Senior level short film “She Knows Better,” and her experimental documentary “Autopsy.” Gender, sexuality and the human form are common themes throughout Catrin’s work.

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