The blurb: Emma suffers from ‘Siderodromophilia’. She cannot get aroused unless she is on or around moving trains in Chicago. Her lover, Jake, is desperately trying to normalize her through creative intimacy, but she keeps pulling him into her tortured world.

This short film looks at how an unusual sexual fetish can affect a new relationship and explores how one couple tries to make things work when their sex life is complicated. The film was made in only 48 hours in and around Chicago.

Yuri Rutman told Reel Chicago: “No one believes we made the film in two days. We were like Navy Seals on a mission doing some serious guerilla filmmaking all over Chicago. Plus, our DP/co-producer Scott Drucker had a horrible flu, so it’s just amazing what the final film looks like.”

The film was released to 33 million homes on the Shorts TV channel.


Length: 17:56
Director: Yuri Rutman