As every morning, the female tram conductor stars up the tram and men get on to go to work. Today the relentless rhythm of the tram coincides with a growing sexual fantasy. The conductress’ desire turns the reality into a surrealistic and phallic extravaganza.

Length: 7:50
Director: Michaela Pavlátová

Michaela is a well-known Czech animator and filmmaker. She has won numerous international awards and received an Oscar nomination for her short film Reci, Reci, Reci/Words, Words, Words in 1993

From Wikipedia: Tram won the Cristal Annecy at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2012, and made the short list for an Oscar nomination in 2012. This erotic fantasy of a female tram driver was intended to be part of an anthology titled Sexperiences, directed by Sandra Schultze, and produced by Ron Dyens at Sacrebleu Productions, a project that was the product of a “search for inspiration for a collaborative effort among women animators to explore feminine views of sexuality.” According to critic Olivier Cotte, “Desire and sensuality are abiding preoccupations” in Pavlátová’s films. The film took six months to produce, using Adobe Flash.

Here’s Michaela’s site.