Ur Heinous Habit


The blurb: A blackmail email prompts a filmmaker to explore the intersection of shame and masturbation.

This wonderful documentary features interviews with real people discussing their reaction to masturbation blackmail email scams and talking about masturbation in general.

There’s a good interview with the director here. He says:
“The film is what it is because of the brilliance of these twelve friends, who were so open, honest, and vulnerable throughout our conversations. I was genuinely surprised by the positive response! Everyone I interviewed was so open, willing, and frankly excited to share their anecdotes and insights on something as private as their sense of shame around masturbation. And all the stories were brilliant – insightful, deeply personal, and at times belly-achingly funny. I was struck by the diversity of the responses I got to virtually every question I posed. It taught me a lot and made for a fun challenge to weave the different responses together into a cohesive narrative.”

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Here’s Eugene Kolb’s site.


Length: 13:38
Director: Eugene Kolb
Year: 2023