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The blurb: Caroline and Rasmus are in a mess. They have not had sex for four months. To Caroline’s great dismay Rasmus believes the answer is to be found at the local swingers club, and Caroline reluctantly agrees to go with him to the club in an attempt to save their relationship.

Venus is an erotic comedy about rediscovering one another and finding the spark where you least expect it.
This lovely animated movie was Tor Fruergaard’s first film and it did well at plenty of mainstream festivals.
“I knew I wanted to do something original for my graduation film. So when my scriptwriter Sissel came to me with the idea of an animation film in a swingers club, I was hooked. For a lot of people animation is about funny animals doing funny stuff in movies for kids, I was pretty surprised how few animators have dealt with sexual and erotic content.”

Read more behind the scenes here.

Length: 8:09
Director: Tor Fruergaard
SLAMDANCE Film Festival 2012 – Grand jury Sparky Award for Animation
Odense Film Festival 2010 – The Danish Animation Talent Award

Official selection:
Annecy Film Festival 2011
Chicago Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Nordisk Panorama 2011
Future Shorts Film Festival 2012
and many more…

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