Work Episode 1: Timewasters


The blurb: Two dommes wait for clients who will never show up. Timewasters is the first episode in the web series WORK by Cheyenne Picardo (director of REMEDY), which focuses on the mundane, inane, and insane day-to-day moments that rarely appear in mainstream depictions of sex work in America.

This short film features no sex and it’s not terribly arousing but does make an important point about sex work being work – and that sometimes involves tedium and having your time wasted. It also has a wry humour that’s enjoyable.

Starring: Fem Appeal and Scooter Pie
Voiceovers: L. Gabrielle Penabaz and Faceboy
Directed by Cheyenne Picardo
Photography & Color by Ari Rothschild
Edited by Cheyenne Picardo
Written by Cheyenne Picardo and Lori Adorable

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