Balance Of Power

Part 1:

“Balance of Power” – a short film (Chapter 1) from DJ ABBY AB on Vimeo.

Part 2:

Balance of Power – a short film (Chapter 2) from DJ ABBY AB on Vimeo.

Part 3

Balance of Power – a short Film (Chapter 3) from DJ ABBY AB on Vimeo.


The blurb: “Balance of Power” is a dramatic, erotic fashion film set to music that takes you on a journey of reclaiming power within your relationships.
Trish and Handsome struggle to balance their long-term relationship. The power of love holds them together, but Handsome’s risky and entangled occupation is becoming intolerable for her. Both fear losing each other, but Handsome is not willing to let go of his lifestyle. Clarity is powerful in the dream world. In Trish’s subconscious dream state, she finds the power to conquer her greatest fear.

Luv-A-Bull Productions Presents: “BALANCE OF POWER” A Short Fashion Film by ABDUL MALIK ABBOTT
starring: Brian Isom Dazelle Yvette Anya Bay Michelle Yates Juliette Hagerman
Written by Sybil Curry Edited by Abdul Malik Abbott Director of Photography Hunter Gulan
Music Produced by DJ ABBY AB
Executive Producer/Producer Sybil Curry
Directed by Abdul Malik Abbott

Balance Love Power – music available at most digital stores.
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