Butt Fantasia

Mohit Jaswal : “Butt Fantasia” from Co-Lab Projects on Vimeo.

One man’s butt-based fantasy turns into an epic short film, with familiar scenarios enacted by… bottoms. All accompanied by the familiar “Fantasia” suite of music.

I saw this hilarious video at Cinekink’s online 2020 festival and just had to share.

The filmmakers comment on Vimeo: This short premiered at Slamdance and later played at Fantastic Fest, along with a few more festivals. My friends and I spent a year making this film, taking on every behind the scenes role ourselves and essentially learning how to make films along the way. We made it as escapist entertainment. We wanted to make people laugh. We made at least a few people chuckle over it, so I’m happy with it. I had never seen anything like this out there in the world and was very excited to make it a reality. For better or for worse, it’s out there now.

Length: 5:38
Director: Mohit Jaswal

Mohit Jaswal is an award-winning filmmaker living in Austin, Tx. He has directed music videos for bands such as They Might Be Giants and MC Frontalot. He now specializes in comedic sketches and narrative films. He directed, shot and edited a feature-length film, Garbage (2018), and is in post-production on Night On Sixth (2020).


Find more of Mohit’s work at mohitjaswal.com