Cannot Predict Now

The blurb: ***Content warning*** contains nudity and blood
A document and expression of the frustration, fear, comedy, and banality of living with a female body in a culture that objectifies, sexualizes and shames those bodies.

Screened at Vox Populi AUX Performance Space October 15th 2015 as part of the event Are You Comfortable curated by Ava Mallett

Comment: This film isn’t “sexy”, exactly, but it does unashamedly depict the female body and menstruation, something that is still rare (and officially forbidden by porn billing companies as “obscene”). There’s a wry humour to this too; our heroine can’t remove a diva cup and has to call in help. We may cringe but many woman have been in similar straits.

Length: 4:45
Director: Hilary Brashear