The blurb: A small demonstration of my sugar…shall we say,….preoccupation? I suppose perversion might be a better P-word, but I’ll let you decide. I’ve always been a girl who loves her food. One of my earliest memories is sneaking out of my room at night to raid the cookie jar. But Cupcake offers a glimpse at my very first forays into the more erotic joys brought by indulgence in exquisite foods.

This cute short film uses a series of still photographs to tell the story of a special night out with corsets, a handsome man and some delicious treats. I love the body positivity of this as well.

Length: 5:00
Director: Miss September / Studio Adelaide


2019 NACHTSCHATTEN BDSM / Fetish Film Festival (Munich, Germany)

2018 SPLICE Film Fest (Brooklyn, New York)
Award Winner: Best Erotic/Adult Film