The blurb: A young couple is already in the heat of the action when she asks him for a condom. He doesn’t have one, but that doesn’t seem to put a curb on his enthusiasm.

This film isn’t sexy, though it seems that way at the beginning. Rather, this is a strong film about consent told through the female perspective. It makes some great points about how boundaries are pushed and how saying no can be ignored.

Short of the Week wrote: “Thorens shapes her film in a way that lets the audience process the events as the night unfolds, without ever being judgemental. “This film is not an answer, it’s made like a question”, she tells us while explaining how she wanted to tackle the power dynamic between a woman and a man in this situation. The authenticity in her screenplay is clear, the subtlety and nuances of the situation are all there in the dialogue and the pacing. A line gets crossed but when the film ends, we can’t really pinpoint the exact moment its breached, and arguably everyone could have a different idea of when it happens.

Length: 5:41
Director: Anne Thorens