The blurb: Two food truck workers turn the humble egg yolk into an erotic aphrodisiac

Set against the concrete backstreets of New York City, two teenagers working in a hot dog truck share their first sexual encounter by sensually passing a raw egg yolk back and forth between their mouths. As they claw at each other’s bodies in increasing intimacy the yolk eventually bursts into a cascade of erotic pleasure.

“The egg yolk’s fragility represents the insecurity of these two teenagers”

In Exchange innovative German director and writer Francisco Sendino presents this contemporary remake of an iconic erotic scene from Tampopo, a 1980s Japanese “noodle western” directed by Juzo Itami.

“I have always been fascinated by Itami’s blunt weirdness,” says Sendino. “This scene in the original Japanese film is a moment of intense sexuality, so I wanted to give it a personal touch. The egg yolk’s fragility represents the insecurity of these two teenagers and their first sexual experience. It symbolizes the source of life, fertility, and fragility.”

Length: 3:16
Director: Francisco Sendino

This film was originally made for Nowness