Finding Uranus



The blurb: A coming of age film about lost and found.

This computer animated film was made entirely using open source software. It has echoes of Kubrick’s 2001 and Woody Allen’s Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex*.

Hong Kong-born filmmaker Ivan Li created this amusing masturbatory fantasy as a final student project. It won best student animation and honorable mention for best Canadian animation at Ottawa International Animation Festival, 2019. It has since screened at numerous film festivals around the world

Li said: “[My teacher] asked the students, particularly animation students, to think about [their student projects] as their one-and-only chance to make a film where they have all the creative freedom they want. Because once they graduate, once they’re working in the industry, most likely they’ll be spending the whole next decade working on someone else’s work, just doing minor details,” Ivan recalls.

“So I sat back and started to think about a story I’ve always wanted to do, and I decided to create this current film.”

Length: 6:56
Director: Ivan Lee