FJER – Pilot Episode



The blurb: “The bloodmoon is watching over young bird-woman Crane who is preparing for a lust-harvesting ritual in the bar of Bird’s Nest. Father, ruler and lover Hawker puts pressure on her. If she fails, she must die. Crane is lost in a seductive neon-dance when a mysterious stranger enters and disturbs the ritual.
So begins the story of FJER initiating a poetic and freaky urban fantasy web series about emancipation and discovery of own sexuality.”

This is the first part of an ongoing animated series and – unfortunately – the rest don’t seem to be online yet. The film is intriguing and has an amazing aesthetic mixed with some dark sexuality.


Jeanette Nørgaard is a Danish writer and director passionate about animation for grown-ups. Educated with a Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation from The Animation Workshop in Viborg in 2009 Jeanette knows the 2d animation pipeline inside out, and often design, storyboard, composite end edit, as well as direct and write on productions.


Length: 8:26
Director: Jeanette Nørgaard