Fuck You


Note: Make sure CC is turned on

The blurb: Alice is together with Johannes but she doesn’t have enough space to be herself. On a night out with friends, she steals a strap-on and challenges her boyfriend’s thoughts about girls. Everyone thinks Alice goes too far but she doesn’t give in to group pressure. Johannes gets curious about Alice’s new side and together they discover something new about themselves.

This wonderful short explores ideas of gender and sexuality from a female perspective and I really admire it. The film screened at Sundance, SXSW, TIFF and plenty of other festivals and has won numerous awards.

The director told Short of the Week: “I make films to ask questions and to explore subjects that are sometimes complex because of different perspectives”, Sidor explains as we discuss her motivations. “When it comes to gender norms, we learn from an early age that love, attraction and sex are expected to be in a certain way depending on if we are girls or boys. Most of the time those expectations are unconsciously attributed to others and ourselves. With Fuck You I want to show that what we regard as femininity and masculinity do not necessarily belong to separate gender identities. Gender norms say, among other things, that girls are expected to be passive and boys to be active. I would like to question that.”

Length: 14:45
Director: Anette Sidor

Anette’s production company site is here.

By the way, please don’t steal things from sex shops. 🙂