Hannah Cohen’s “Baby”

This is the video for Hannah Cohen’s haunting song “Baby”. It features dancer Thibault Lac naked in a variety of poses and moves next to a solid block of ice. The overall effect is mesmerizing and strangely relaxing. The song itself is full of heartache and longing and I think Thibault’s moves echo that. This video also showcases a beautiful masculine body in ways that aren’t necessarily seen as manly.

In an article for Nowness, director Matthu Placek said: “The ice block is the mass of a human, its surface changing throughout the day, solid but vulnerable to its surroundings. Rolling that 600lbs block of ice outside, thrusting it onto the concrete sidewalk and breaking it into a million pieces was the most satisfying thing I have done this year. Truth.

“Nudity on the internet is unavoidable but avoiding nudity (why would anyone want to avoid that?) is achievable on social media. My feeling is, if you don’t want to see someone’s junk, don’t follow them. I don’t believe it is in the platforms’ best interests to judge what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.”

Length: 5:50
Director: Matthu Placek