Instant Intimacy


This arty video is taken from a live performance at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2015.

The blurb: Instant Intimacy is an interactive rope performance. Kristina Marlen is tying people from the audience. There’s no rehearsal; it’s a unique experience in bondage. This video is for people who like rather anarchistic rope.

Kristina Marlen works as a tantric dominatrix in Berlin. She combines conscious touch and bodywork with the world of BDSM. Her passion is Japanese rope bondage. For her, each encounter in her work is like a performance of “Instant Intimacy”.

Length: 3:23
Director: Kristina Marlen

Gerard Reyes
Lello Li

Music: Jan Stolterfoht aka Jan Pelao
Camera: Claudia Richarz
Edit: Jeff Coons