I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video designed as a way to come out to your parents. This film is very simple but very moving. It was made four years ago and I don’t know how it all turned out but Youi is now a successful filmmaker.

The blurb: For so many years, as being an lesbian, my sexuality has always been a secret to parents. This video is created for inviting them to have an open conversation with me, and for those who also want to get closer to their parents. Its goal is to gain a chance to talk about the things that they are scared or unfamiliar. Rather than just coming out and doing nothing, creating a panic, I wish they could face the truth and bravely discuss about it.

Bio: Youi Shih was born in Taipei, Taiwan, mainly focusing on motion design with live action and alternative techniques, including videography, cinematography, photography and mixed media. She is currently studying in Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD) with MFA in motion media design, and graduated in Shih Hsin University with BFA in Digital Multimedia of game design. She is an energetic, active person and always with positive thinking. Through years of pursuing the journal of art and design, rather than sticking with a computer, she loves to interact with nature and people to create videos which can be inspirational and motivated. In her goal, she aims to be a voice for those who are in needs. Now she is trying to do more experimental works to develop more possibilities of creative mediums.


Length: 3:02
Directed by Youi Shih
Year 2019