Damien Moreau sees a stranger on a train. A handkerchief leads to an intense homoerotic fantasy.

Damien Moreau: Kangourou is short pornographic film which I categorize as fleshfilm or fleshflick. Kangourou jumps from fantasy to reality as it follows the two protagonist Ryan Patrix and myself on an erotic train ride. I catch a glimpse of Ryan on the platform while he waits for his train. Once I board the train it’s a little unclear if the stranger, Patrix, is also onboard in the physical or if I invent our interaction. Patrix was not only a joy to work with but he is super sexy and smart, which gave me instant scene boners.

The sexiest concept for me in the film is the the tribe within it involving a hanky that becomes the conduit from which the whole sexual fantasy evolves.

I definitely pulled influence from a few favorites: Jean Genet’s short film “Un chant d’amour” and Madonna’s “Justify My Love”. Both of these black and white films connect to lust and passion in a way that I hope Kangourou accomplishes as well.

The title was inspired by one of my all time favorite songs “Kangaroo” by This Mortal Coil.

Quotes from this article.

Note: I’ve linked to the Pornhub embed of this video because it’s in danger of being deleted from Vimeo.