Menage de Sang Bleu


The blurb: Shot on Super 16 film, Menage de Sang Bleu (Circle of the Blue Bloods) explores a tangled and romantic ménage a trois. An erotic and dangerous struggle for power in which public formality and private abandon co-exist.

This isn’t an “erotic film” per se, it’s a performance dance piece. Even so, I found it to be delightfully evocative and sexual, with a dreamy gothic feel. It’s like a non-explicit fantasy which leaves the viewer to insert their own visions into the suggested sexual entanglements. Also, it’s just visually beautiful, with lots of flowing fabric, candles and flowers.

Shauna McGarry attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in Film and Television with a Minor in Gender Studies. She now teaches filmmaking to teens and is a board member at Echo Park Film Center, a non-profit school and cinema in Los Angeles.

Length: 12:31
Director: Shauna McGarry