To raise awareness of the fact that 70% of women living with HIV were infected by partners who had extra-marital affairs, MTV commissioned an animated PSA that manages to be both titillating and disturbing.

Written by Ícaro Dória and Guillermo Vega, now creative directors at W+K São Paulo, produced by Vetor Zero/Lobo and directed by Mateus de Paula Santos, the spot suggests an orgy perpetrated by a group of amorphous shapes that feature freakishly realistic lips, tongues, nipples and facial (or elsewhere’s) hair. After a series of close-ups of said shapes entwining, interlocking and generally going at it, set to a throbbing funk track, the camera pulls back to reveal the sybarites to be actually letters that spell the sentence: “I’ll be home late, honey. Still got a lot to do at work.” – a classic line in an adulterer’s repertoire. The final tagline then reads: No matter what you do, use protection.

Length: 0:30
Director Mateus de Paula Santos.