Mum I’m Back


The blurb: A woman returns, after 40 years, to the village where she was born. The cause is the death of her mother. She keeps an old photograph in her hands: a mother with her two sons. Arriving at the cemetery, she encounters the faces of all those she left behind.

I saw this film at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2017 and it made such a deep impression on me. The film was in the running for Best Short and I think it should have won. This is not a sexy film; indeed, it’s pretty much the opposite, but it is about sexuality and it using such a simple narrative to tell an intense and emotional story. Be patient, the film itself is just over 3 minutes long (there are a lot of credits). The film has screened at dozens of film festivals around the world and I’ve listed the awards its won below.

Length: 4:30
Director: Dimitris Katsimiris

Dimitris Katsimiris is a Greek film director who lives and works in Athens.

Best Narrative Short Film at 39th Brussels Independent Film Festival 2018 (Belgium) | Best Narrative Short Film at Sydney World Film Fest 2017 (Australia) | Best Narrative Short Film at 6th La Guarimba Film Festival 2018 (Italy) | Best Script Award at 2nd Aswan Women Film Festival 2018 (Egypt) | Best Foreign Super Short Award at 9th NYC Independent Film Festival 2018 (USA) | Best Jury Award of the Month at Lake View International Film Festival 2017 (India) | Best Foreign LGBT Film Festival at American Filmatic Arts Awards 2017 (NY,USA) | Special Jury Award 8th Balkan Film Food Festival 2018 (Albania) | Special Mention at 6th QUEER-Streifen Regensburg Festival 2017 (Germany) | Honorable Distinction at 7th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF 2018 (Greece) | Honorable Mention at 2nd Piraeus Film Festival 2018 (Greece) | Honorable Mention at 2nd Select Respect Film Festival 2018 (Greece) | Finalist Best Human Rights Short Film at Sao Paolo Film Festival 2017 (Brazil) | Nomination for People’s Choice Award at 2nd Perth International Queer Film Festival 2017 (Australia) |