A pink alien and a queer cowboy interact by a pool and it’s weirdly sexy and intriguing. And there’s also instant noodles.

This film makes no sense whatsoever but I thought I’d include it because it has a certain erotic atmosphere and it has fun playing with gender. It’s exactly the kind of film you’d find in your average arthouse erotic film festival. So just pretend you’re in Berlin and roll with it.

The blurb from Vimeo: “Osmosis is a film about relationships. The thin but infinite membrane that divides us and how we interact with it. It’s about consumption, fantasy, the many strange faces of sexuality — objectification, cannibalism, sexiness, and decay. The unexpected things people can find erotic. Sex as an alien act… sometimes feeling foreign, sometimes feeling familiar, violent and tender.

Much in the way that our two characters explore each other in the film, this project is also a representation of our collaborative journey together, our two styles and how they intertwine. The alien being Melissa, and the boy being Ryan. A balance of fantasy and reality, color and texture. All of these themes between us intertwine, exchange, and ultimately equalize, much in the way the process of osmosis suggests.”


Length: 3:35
Directors: Melissa Chilson and Ryan Vera
Year: 2023

Here’s Melissa’s site.