proximity : owen & vex (tease) from Four Chambers on Vimeo.

This erotic short film gets in close to the performers to create a more intimate and different view of sex. This trailer has deliberately cut out the nudity and in doing so the director has made room for the imagination. There’s a distinct sensuality and immediacy in this film.

The performers are Vex, a “recovering art student” and adult model, and Owen, a kink performer from San Francisco.

The film was made by a filmmaking collective called Four Chambered Heart. Their “About” page says:

From a background in art photography and alt-porn, we’ve started with an aim to produce interesting, aesthetic shorts using and about sexuality through the mechanics of cinema. Our influences begin with literature, film and the history of the nude in art all in the age of screens and their intrinsic relationship with modern sexuality.

Four Chambers is not a necessarily a business, more like an artists co-operative. We make what we do for the love of it. We want to make our content as accessible as possible; all pay-to-view content can be viewed on a pay-what-you-want, donation basis. We work with our friends and people we think are interesting.

You can see the full uncensored film if you donate to them.