Jenny Wilson – RAPIN* (Official video) from Gustaf Holtenäs on Vimeo.


Length: 3:39
Director: Gustaf Holtenäs

CONTENT WARNING: Depiction of sexual assault. This is a disturbing song and video.
While I try to keep this site sexy, I don’t want to shy away from important short films. This video gives an insight into the trauma of sexual assault and I felt it was worth featuring. Women’s experience of assault need to be heard and respected.

Swedish singer and songwriter Jenny Wilson details her sexual assault in this 2018 song called “Rapin*”, accompanied by disturbing animated visuals by Gustaf Holtenäs.  Jenny released a statement with the song:

“This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

In so many ways.

At first, I actually didn’t know if I even wanted to go on with music anymore.

Then, something terrible happened to me.

I ended up at a crossroads.

Either silent – or speaking.

It was not an easy choice.

I didn’t want to talk.

I didn’t manage to talk.

But I had to talk.

Not to bring justice or to take revenge.

Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

I wanted to take back what I’d lost.

I had to get rid of what was hurting me.”

Here’s a Guardian review of the song and album for more info and context.

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