Rituel Terre #6

RITUEL-TERRE #6 performance body art from Philippine Schaefer on Vimeo.

A nude woman sensually discovers a lump of clay and reveals something special inside.

While this art film may not have been intended to be erotic, there’s definitely something sexy about the flesh-like lump of clay and the feeling of erotic discovery that occurs.

Philippine Schaefer is a German artist who lives and works in Paris since 1991. Graduated in 1997 at the school of fine arts, Paris (ENSBA), she studied under Christian Boltanski, Marina Abramovic and Mona Hatoum. She is constantly exploring the representation of the humain body through photography, sculpture, performance and tattooing.

Here’s her Tumblr (in French)

Length: 5:10
Director: Philippine Schaefer