Rubber Heart


The blurb: After a painful dry spell a woman attempts to have a one night stand.

Sex can be sublime when it’s good and awkward or depressing when it’s not. This short film, which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, shows us the latter. A woman hopefully embarks on a one night stand but we soon realize things won’t go well when her partner reacts to the fact she has pubic hair. The film then gives us a perfect example of an unsatisfying sexual encounter from a woman’s perspective.

The film uses a cinematic cliche by framing the male character between the standing woman’s legs. This was famously used in The Graduate and countless movie posters for raunchy comedies. Here the director deliberately lets us see the a glimpse of the woman’s pubic hair and uses the imagery to enhance the awkwardness of the dialogue.

The film was co-written by Lizzy Sanford (aka Lizzy Born) and Anna Cordell, who is the star. Sanford previously worked producing commercials before moving into film. She most recently directed the series Ziwe for Showtime. Here’s her website.

Length: 8:02
Director: Lizzy Sanford
Year: 2017