Sordid Reunions

When his main performer arrives unable to complete a project, a misanthropic pornographer inadvertently hires his ex-fiancé as a replacement.

This film isn’t explicit; it mainly uses the idea of a porn set/sex to explore the relationship difficulties of the main couple. If you’re after something a bit erotic, this may not be the film to watch. Still, it’s an interesting dynamic.

This is the first short film by Nicholas Grillo. His site says he encountered difficulty because of the content of his film:

The casting process was a bit slow. Some actors expressed concern over the sexual content, and an amateur cinematographer actually backed out upon reading the script (because G-rated pixie fests inspired by 80’s family sitcoms shot on the 5D are the only way to further a career, don’cha know?). Others wanted sums of money more appropriate for a $500,000 feature. Eventually, I found what I was looking for in Carter and Laura; eagerness, talent, and a deep understanding of what we had to work with. Ashley became attached to the project through Laura, and had me laughing quite a bit during rehearsals. I knew they were the right choices.

Length: 21:01
Director: Nicholas Grillo