Stormy Leather

The blurb: From Oklahoma to New-York, Deanna Renee Hays became Stormy Leather : The Naked girl of burlesque. She starts as a gogo dancer in a bar but found very quickly a way to express herself.

Of course, one of the aspects of her job is to strip in front of a crowd people and be naked, but it’s also a feminist act. She uses the art of stripping as an outlet to express her ideas and show the world her own vision of nudity.

Her ambition is to share that with the audience. Every performance is a new challenge, she loves to provoc a reaction or make people think.
Her community became a family and she is proud and honored to be a part of the Burlesque History.

This film was screened at East Bay Express Briefs short film festival on February 11 2016.

Alexandre Degardin is a French filmmaker who creates documentaries.

Here’s his website.

Length: 8:29
Director: Alexandre Degardin