The Baroness


The Baroness, New York’s premier designer of elegant and provocative latex, navigates the ever-growing world of latex fashion.


Best Short Documentary (Fetisch Film Festival 2018)
Best Short Documentary (Cinekink Film Festival 2019)

Film Festivals:

Kink Film Festival 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Fetisch Film Festival 2018 in Kiel, Germany
Cinekink Film Festival 2019 in New York City, New York
Collective Misnomer 2019 in Denver, Colorado
Best of Cinekink 2019 (Portland, Oakland, Toronto, Chicago, Toledo)
Bizzarro Film Festival 2019 in Bologna, Italy

Length: 6:20
Director: Isabel Faintych
Year: 2018

Isabel Faintych is a director and editor. She completed her BFA in Film and Video at Pratt Institute in 2019. Isabel’s documentaries, Shine (2016) and The Baroness (2018), have played in film festivals around the world, winning awards for Best Short Documentary. She wrote and directed two narrative short films, The Dollhouse (2018) and What Lies in the Woods (2019).

She has worked as an Associate Editor on The Vow, an HBO documentary series, and as an Additional Editor on You Resemble Me, a narrative-hybrid film executive produced by Spike Lee, Spike Jonze, Alma Har’el, and Riz Ahmed. Isabel Faintych currently lives and works out of Brooklyn, New York.

Here’s Isabel’s site
The Baroness Latex
530 E 13th St B, New York, NY 10009