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‘A’ Is For Aliens

A is for Aliens from Hilary Brashear on Vimeo.

The blurb: Once again, spence and em recieve a frightening text from “a”, a panoptical force that somehow knows all their secrets. However this time, A has something in store for them that’ll have them cumming back for more.

An erotic fan fiction fantasy experiment conceived of by cybee fay and hilary brashear. staring emerald x-file and kween evil shi. Based in part on the tv drama pretty little liars and a freaky woodcutting by toshio saeki.

Length: 11:34
Director: Cybee Fay and Hilary Brashear

This film screened in the Lesbian Porn Shorts and Experimental Porn Shorts sessions at the Berlin Porn Film Festival 2016.

Here’s Hilary Brashear’s site.

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