Bikini from Swedish Ecstasy Film on Vimeo.

The blurb: An animated musical starring an young man who is afraid to come out…who is afraid to come out of the locker. The plot takes place on a beach year 1960, where a couple of happy twins and their lady friend like to spend the summer.

This is a wonderfully cheerful little animation about embracing our true selves, the obstacles we face and how it’s always good to have two handsome blokes on your side. At least, that’s how I saw it.

Silver Rabbit, best short film 2004, Sao Paulo International Film Festival
Panorama Short Film Award, 2005 Berlin International Film Festival
Best Short Film, Copenhagan Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Broadcasted by SVT, NOR, Canal+ and more

Length: 6:42
Director: Lasse Persson for Swedish Ecstasy Film

SWEDISH ECSTASY FILM are Indie animated shorts made by Lasse Persson. Hand drawn animated films in the classical tradition old with few or no Words. The films have won several prizes on international film festivals and have been screened on TV all over the Word, for instance on American MTV, French ARTE and British Channel Four.
Lasse Persson has been a professional Animator and Animation Director for about 20 years. The greater part of SWEDISH ECSTASY FILMs Revenues come from assigments in the field of animation.