Ignis Fatuus

A meditation on lust and bodies in slow motion.

The blurb: This short film was the opener at HUMP, Seattle’s erotic film festival, in 2010. The title is Latin for will-o’-the-wisp, or a spirit that leads men astray. You can figure the rest out.

“Dos Rios are childhood friends Issara Willenskomer, Yaque Silva-Doyle, and Paul Breslin. Issara and Yaque grew up together across a dirt road. Literally. As in Yaque’s parents house was on the left side of the dirt road and Issara’s mom’s house was on the right side. Since most of their childhood was spent marathoning every single VHS tape in the local video store (and there were many), it was small surprise that they both developed a keen interest in films, and powerful storytelling.

“It was therefore only a small logical step to imagine that they might start their own production company based on the idea of humanistic stories and strong filmmaking. Together, with Paul Breslin they represent 30 years of industry experience, and have worked on projects for such clients including HBO, MTV, Microsoft, Warner Bros., Hanes, AT&T, ESPN, Target, Motorola, and more.”

Length: 3:09
Director: Issara Willenskomer