Lady Parts

The blurb: Lady Parts follows Liz, a struggling actor who goes from dancing tampon to her first real break, playing a meaty role in a financial drama by an acclaimed up-and-coming director… only to discover that things aren’t what they seem. She experiences a series of funny-because-they’re-true setbacks and putdowns as she barrels toward her breaking point and has to decide what is more important: her integrity or her career.

Lady Parts offers scathing social commentary on a woman’s place in the workplace (in this case, a Hollywood film set) disguised as a life-sized, tap-dancing tampon.

Lady Parts is absolutely worth the 10 minute watch. For a start, it features a catchy advertising tune about menstruation sung by a tap-dancing tampon. And secondly, its drama relies on a scathing commentary of how the male gaze shapes films in Hollywood. This short centres the female perspective and gives voice to the very real anger about how women continue to be treated in a male-dominated industry.

Lady Parts was directed by Jessica Sherif and Erin Rye. The latter stars and absolutely shines in her role. Erin also wrote and produced the film.

Length: 10:08

Director: Jessica Sherif and Erin Rye

Year: 2019



**Played 30+ film festivals worldwide including Oscar- qualifying Cinequest, Hollyshorts, St. Louis International Film Festival, and LA Shorts**


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