A short, beautiful film that focuses on the emotion and love that accompanies sex for many people. Shot with real-life couples.

An article in Nowness says that Will Hoffman and Julius Metoyer set out to experiment with sex on film but felt an emotional element was missing. They recruited couples via Craigslist.

“Sex scenes in narrative films are always so-so, and porn is just on a whole other level of insincerity. We wanted to make a film that wasn’t about watching sex, but instead, triggered memories of the way you felt when emotionally surrendered with a partner. That moment where you let go of judgment or self-consciousness and just open yourself up to impulse and desire.”

The have a lot of negative things to say about porn – read more at Nowness.

The blurb: We set out to make a film about sex that was heartfelt and emotionally honest.

So often, filmmaking distorts the reality of sex on screen. It’s either insincere, over the top, or just flat out vulgar.

Spending time with real couples in long-term relationships, this project is an attempt to capture intimacy, true connection, and the revelation of falling deep for somebody else.

Music by: Ifan Dafydd, Jamie xx, and Bing & Ruth

Length: 2:16
Directors: Hoffman / Metoyer