The Blindness Of The Woods

A love triangle develops between a blind woman, a lumberjack and… a bear. An unusual Nordic love story enacted by people wearing full body woolen costumes.

I remember seeing this film at the 2008 Berlin Porn Film Festival and feeling rather perplexed but also amused by it. I’m glad I’ve finally discovered it online.

The blurb: The Blindness of the Woods develops a narrative that combines the naive simplicity of fairy tales with the Nordic erotic movies from the 70’s. These two genders are supposed never to meet, bringing about mixed feelings in the audience who are uncertain about feeling moved as they watch the cute woolen characters or getting sexually aroused as they see them having sex. Ulrika, a blind woman who lives isolated in a cabin in the cold woods of Sweden, suffers from the freezing winter loneliness. One day, Hans, a curt lumberjack, comes across her offering not only his logs to warm up but also his love. A love and sex story unfolds between the blind woman and the lumberjack which is being witnessed by the voyeuristic character Bear Bjorn. Her love fullfilment is overshadowed by Hans’ betrayal who takes advantage of her condition, stealing her belongings.This scenario pushes Bear Bjorn to act on Ulrika’s behalf doing justice to her in his own hands as he gets rid of the lumberjack, eventually wrapping up the love circle.

Film studio Amautalab is based in Argentina.

Length: 11:53
Director: Javier Lourenço & Martin Jalfen