• Erotyk

    A brief interaction in an elevator inspires moments of erotic fantasy for both – until the lift arrives… and reality returns.

  • The Contract

    A woman meets a stranger at a bar and he gives her a magic pill. Soon she finds herself down the rabbit hole, entering a dark and erotic fantasy world of Sirens and other lustful creatures. And – amid the orgy – they want her to sign a contract…

  • From Hell To Heaven

    A peasant girl in a red cape skips through the forest. Dark shapes follow her. She escapes into a cottage and finds… a bunch of very hot bisexual men, of course!

  • Deviance

    A mundane supermarket becomes a place to celebrate sexual diversity – and perversity.

  • Butterfly Caught

    A woman visits a used book store and finds herself drawn to the erotica section. A book of Japanese bondage leads her into a sumptuous fantasy involving exhibitionism, BDSM and a hot older woman.

  • It’s All In Your Head

    This simple yet effective short film explores the idea of a wandering imagination, with multiple fantasies played out in a lift sequence.

  • Tram

    As every morning, the female tram conductor stars up the tram and men get on to go to work. Today the relentless rhythm of the tram coincides with a growing sexual fantasy.

  • Instinct

    A man takes his cat to the park where fantasy takes hold. The cat becomes a woman, eager to please his every desire. This film takes the viewer on a surreal erotic journey, heavy with symbolism and dark, surreal fantasy.