The blurb: A cult of women summon a demon, but one rogue member, Carol, gets in the way of their plans.

WARNING: This is really a horror film and contains blood and gore, but it’s also funny and rather sexy. Indeed, if you have sexy fantasies about demons, this might make you happy.

Fantastic Fest 2017 (world premiere)
Toronto After Dark 2017
Telluride Horror Show 2017
Knoxville Horror 2017
FKM 2017
Cucalorus 2017
Twin Cities Horror 2017
PDX Extreme 2017
Buried Alive Horror 2017
Famous Monsters Presents Silver Scream Film and Comic Fest 2018
Filmquest 2018
Cinepocalypse 2018
Hexploitation 2018
Chattanooga 2018
Cinedelphia 2018
Little Terrors 2018
Landshut 2018
BIFFF 2018
Dispatches From The Underground 2018
Las Palmas De Gran Canaria 2018
CineKink 2018
Sydney Underground 2018
Calgary Underground 2018
Court Metrange 2018
Dances With Films 2018
The Halloween Horror Picture Show 2018
Phenomena 2018
The Dead Of Night 2018
Hollyshorts 2018
Tri-Cities International 2018
Sin City Horror 2018
Santiago Horror 2018
Fantasy Film Fest 2018
SENE 2018
BoneBat “Comedy of Horrors” Film Fest 2019

Best Short: Buried Alive Horror 2017
Best SFX Makeup: Famous Monsters Presents Silver Scream Film and Comic Fest 2018
Best Director: Cinepocalypse 2018
Best Actress: Phenomena 2018
Best Killer: Sin City Horror 2018